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"I have been working with Marina for several years. I first learned about Marina from my wife. Marina helped her overcome a chronic respiratory illness. That sparked my curiosity since I was suffering from seasonal allergies for many years. In the years of working with Marina my allergies have lessened significantly and other areas of my health have improved as well. Marina is extremely knowledgeable, caring and is true to her craft of homeopathy and holistic wellness."

Andy Steigmeier - Yorktown, NY

"I have been working with Marina for myself, my husband and children. I feel blessed that I am able to work with her! Her expertise and care is incredible! I have also recommended many of my friends and colleagues to Marina . They have all thanked me for the referral and were happy with the care and results!"

Chanie Rappaport

"I highly recommend Marina. She is amazing!!! Always available, knowledgeable, warm, caring! I’m so happy they are my homeopaths. Our family health is so much better because of her."

Tania Kogan

"I first started using homeopathy while living in London 15 years ago. When I moved to the US 8 years ago, one of the most important tasks was to find a local homeopath in Westchester. I was put in touch with an MD practicing homeopathy, and had an unsatisfying experience. After much research, I made an appointment to see Marina and have never looked back. Marina treats my entire family. She is always available by phone or email for follow-ups. She truly cares about our health and well being. I have recommended many of my friends to Marina’s practice."

Natasha Levy

My Approach

"Marina Braun has been my friend and colleague for 15 years. She is the homeopath that my family turns to for healing in times of need. She brings a vast knowledge of remedies and strong, intuitive homeopathic thinking to her work. Her great love and compassion for people and all of humanity conveys perspective, support and encouragement to anyone privileged enough to haveMarina as their homeopath. She is an inspiration to me. I cannot praise Marina highly enough."

Alice Soloway

"I am incredibly fortunate to begin my homeopathy practice under Marina’s tutelage. She is wise, generous and compassionate while being totally attuned to both patient and student homeopath. She does not miss a beat! It is an amazing experience to enable patients to share their deepest experiences spontaneously and naturally in the warm and supportive setting that Marina creates. Above all, Marina has shown me how to be with patients, how to witness and respect their pain and support them on their journey towards healing. Marina is among the best teachers I have ever studied with – and I have studied with the brightest and the best."

Jiuan Heng, PhD.

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